Four Childless Women From Savannah Built Legacies To Last

I made yet another trip to Savannah, Georgia in the last days of winter in March 2018. Once again I was impressed by the women's history of this city of the Old South. I believe here are few places in the New World that can be compared to Savannah. In honor of Women's History Month 2018, I decided to re-post what I wrote here about Savannah in 2017. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve visited Savannah, Georgia. When Matt and I lived in Atlanta, it was a short drive to the historic city on the coast, and we traveled there often. I have been on haunted pub crawls, historic trolley tours, and stumbled along River Street with a drink in my hand. When we were deciding where to move after

Fertility Clinics' Epic Fail Means More Heartbreak for Childless Women

In case you haven't been to my town in a while, Cleveland rocks and it's still rising. Even so, the appearance of major network journalists is still a fairly big deal. This week, NBC News' Kate Snow was here because a malfunction at one of the city's major hospital systems may have damaged thousands of embryos and eggs frozen in liquid nitrogen. Those eggs belong to thousands of women relying on them to make dreams of pregnancy come true. For many, they represent the only way that conception will ever happen. One woman called the incident her "worst nightmare". I can only imagine. As I watched interviews and read news coverage, I remember thinking, 'How terrible!" And then, it happened agai

No Joke: There's a Government Effort to Cure Loneliness

Here's a big secret: America has been snared in non-stop political, racial and gender in-fighting nationwide for the first three months of 2018. Sadly, another school shooting stopped the noise for a minute -- then intensified it. The people who can most easily ignore it all are the ones focused on making it through one more day. These people are fairly invisible, though their numbers are large and diverse around the world. They aren't all homeless, or female. They are both young and old, from every race. Invisible people aren't all living in poverty, but every one of them is lonely. How fascinating to learn that the British government does see them, and may be able to help. In January 2018,

For 106 Years, Girls Thrive In A Childless Woman's Dream

First of all, this post is decidedly #NoAd. Every March, The Not Mom recognizes Girl Scouts of the USA as the enduring NotMom legacy of Juliette Gordon Low (below). Me, I was a Girl Scout through middle school Cadettes. That’s why I’ve known since third grade that March 12 is when Juliette Low (left) of Savannah, Georgia founded the Girl Scouts in 1912. The video below will tell you more about her, but meanwhile, spring is Girl Scout cookie time. In 2018, March 11 - 17 is Girl Scout Week, a very big deal on the annual Girl Scout calendar. There’s Girl Scout Sunday, National Girl Scout Day, and Girl Scout Birthday. After more than a century, the Girl Scouts organization is fighting to stay a

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