Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale Returns April 25

Have you caught up with the first season of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale? The award-winning story of women living under government-controlled reproduction returns to the streaming platform on Wednesday April 25, 2018. If you haven’t watched the series (or read the original book by Margaret Atwood, you may want to turn back now. Here, there be spoilers. (Book and series) We’re now entering unknown territory in the world of Gilead. The first season, for all its expansion and new plot lines, ended at the same moment the book does. Which has caused fans of the book and viewers of the series alike to wonder what’s in store for Offred’s story in the future. The truth is, Margaret Atwood didn’t tell

Childlessness As a Cause of Death? You Betcha.

When I started The NotMom in 2012, it didn't take very long for Google to present me with an article from India telling of the death of a woman so focused on her lack of a child that she killed herself. In this instance, the woman set herself on fire. Maybe her husband nagged her about their childless life. Maybe it was her in-laws who pushed her over the edge. If everyone assumes infertility is the woman's fault, the whole dang village may have buzzed about her. Now, it's 2018 and I know that childless women die all the time in India. Suicides, murders, murder-suicides, double suicides. I don't post about all of these stories. I couldn't. But, sometimes a headline stands out, like the man

I'm Already Missing Olivia Pope, My Super Smart, Pro-Choice, Dangerously Flawed Role Model

On most Thursdays, I cannot WAIT until 10 p.m. when the next installment of ABC''s Scandal injects me with intellect, sex, power, politics, fashion and yes, a hug full of Black Girl Magic from two of Hollywood's most influential women. But, I'm writing this about 24 hours before Scandal's final episode. I look normal, but I'm still in shock. I've been a "Gladiator" from the very first Thursday. I watched Saturday marathons on BET and I own the sexiest years, Seasons One and Two. But, I thought we had more time. Writer/Producer Shonda Rhimes (below left) created the world of Scandal; actress Kerry Washington (below right) rules the team that brought the Gladiators to life, thriving in the rol

Did A Real-Life Army of Childless Women Inspire The Warriors of 'Black Panther'?

Long after all my friends had seen it, I dragged my husband to see 2018's mega-hit. Black Panther. He's not a superhero fan, but I knew I would love it and I hoped he would appreciate its culture-changing importance. I was right on both counts. For me, every scene with the hairless, fearless female army of the fictional African nation of Wakanda (above right) captivated me SO much more than the sexy Black Panther. It isn't' a spoiler to say that in the movie, the Dora Milaje are personal bodyguards to the King, who is the Black Panther. Beauty, muscles, skilled and fantastically fierce, the film's Dora Milaje warriors were ah-mazing.(below L to R, actresses Danai Gurira. Lupita Nyong’o and F

Will Network TV Ever Offer a Childfree Adult Who Doesn't Change Her Mind?

THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM FOX'S 'LAST MAN ON EARTH' Last Man on Earth (cast shown above) is a ridiculous show built on a ridiculous premise that, for some ridiculous reason, works. It started, I think, as a platform for the stupid humor of Will Forte and quickly became a post-apocalyptic adventure of unlikely survivors that has lasted four seasons on FOX so far. Among the survivors is Melissa, played by January Jones. Throughout the show, her character is shown falling in love with the second-to-last man on earth, Mel Rodriguez’s Todd (see left). But,over the course of the last few seasons. these two have butted heads over a topic many readers of The NotMom are very familiar with: Hav

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