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Mother's Day 2020: A Holiday We'll Remember

May 10, 2020

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Moving? Your Pet Needs a Resume

October 10, 2017


In my local community, and on several online groups for adults without children, people are often frustrated that that they can’t find a home or apartment to rent because they own pets.


This situation is leading to a growing number of older pets being torn from their families so that the owner can secure a rental. The problem is so bad that some communities have banned “re-homing” posts on their local discussion boards.


Many rental laws across the US stop landlords from discriminating against families with small children. But, those laws allow landlords the ability to deny renting to people with pets. Sometimes, restrictions are only for so-called “dangerous” pets such as pit bulls. In the past, Rottweilers were the dog-ona non grata.


Some landlords can’t stomach the idea that a cat might scratch up the carpeting, even though not all cats scratch up carpeting. Urination, destruction, liability, and more are all reasons given for not renting to our precious pets, even kittens. (Below:  Karen Malone Wright's cat, Frankie, is just a year old.)

But that doesn’t mean that every time you move, you need to give Fido to a new family. One possible solution is to create a Pet Resume.


Pet Resume 101


1. Go ahead and try. Just because a Craigslist rental post says “No Pets”, it doesn’t mean the policy is set in stone. Argue the point if you have all the right information. When reaching out to the landlord, offer something like,