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February 17, 2019

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Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale Returns April 25

April 22, 2018

Have you caught up with the first season of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale? The award-winning story of women living under government-controlled reproduction returns to the streaming platform on Wednesday April 25, 2018.


If you haven’t watched the series (or read the original book by Margaret Atwood, you may want to turn back now.


Here, there be spoilers. (Book and series)



We’re now entering unknown territory in the world of Gilead. The first season, for all its expansion and new plot lines, ended at the same moment the book does. Which has caused fans of the book and viewers of the series alike to wonder what’s in store for Offred’s story in the future.


The truth is, Margaret Atwood didn’t tell us what happened in the future. In the original edition of the book, the story ended with an epilogue that changed the entire tone of the story. Abruptly shifting from the female narrator to a male perspective, a professor presents his paper on the tapes discovered that recount Offred’s story. The entire novel ends with one simple line,


“Are there any questions?”


In the enhanced audio book version released in 2012, the audible team crafted questions for the professor to which Margaret Atwood herself wrote the answers. (She even asked one in the audio production.)


And yet, the extended version, which seeks to explain the final moments of The Handmaid’s Tale, doesn’t give us any new insight on where the story will go in the continuing saga on screen. From the trailer, it appears that we have a full scale revolution on our hands with the nation of Gilead on one side and quite possibly the rest of the world on the other.


Margaret Atwood herself calls season two “a call to action.”