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Recognition for 1/6 of American women and millions worldwide

"Karen Malone Wright, who is to use the proper terminology, 'childless by chance'- hopes the NotMom movement will help lessen the noticeable tension between women who are childless by chance and childfree by choice…

She believes that both camps deserve to have both the physical and virtual spaces to establish visibility, especially at a time when the societal pressure to become a mother is felt so acutely by all women - both straight and gay - thanks to the cultural fetishizing of motherhood (through celebrities, through the Internet, through the economy of making motherhood an artisanal, and lucrative, hobby).”

- National Journal 

NYT kmw.jpg


“We need more spaces where women who don’t have kids, whether they define that as a choice or not, can talk about and celebrate their lives without fear of judgment or reprisal...Like the NotMom Summit.”

- Courtney E. Martin, author and weekly columnist for On Being, a Peabody Award-winning public radio conversation, podcast, and Webby Award-winning website

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