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And... BOOKS

Books by and for women like you.

Women who are childfree or childless.

Sharing their stories.

Living their best lives.

Just 99 cents!

An Atypical Chick: A Gay Man In a Woman’s Body

– Rhonny Dam


Avalanche: A Love Story

– Julia Leigh

The Baby Boon: How Family-Friendly America Cheats The Childless

– Elinor Burkett


The Baby Matrix: Why Freeing Our Minds From Outmoded Thinking About Parenthood &

Reproduction Will Create A Better World

– Laura Carroll


The Baby Decision: How To Make The Most Important Choice Of Your Life

– Merle Bombardieri, MSW, LICSW


Barren In The Promised Land: Childless Americans And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Elaine Tyler May


Beyond Motherhood: Choosing A Life Without Children

– Jeanne Safer, PhD

Childfree By Choice: The Movement of Redefining Family & Creating a New Age of Independence

-Dr. Amy Blackstone

A Childfree Happily Ever After: Why More Women  Are Choosing Not to Have Children

-Tanya Williams


Childless by Marriage

– Sue Fagalde Lick


The Childless Revolution

– Madelyn Cain


Complete Without Kids: An Insiders Guide to Childfree Living by Choice or by Chance

– Ellen L. Walker


Confessions of a Childfree Woman: A Life Spent Swimming Against The Mainstream

– Marcia Drut-Davis

Do You Have Kids? Life When the Answer Is No

- Kate Kaufmann


Families of Two

– Laura Carroll


The Female Assumption: A Mothers Story: Freeing Women From The View That Motherhood Is A Mandate

– Melanie Holmes

The Girlfriend Mom

Dani Alpert

I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself: Tales From A Happy Life Without Kids

– Jen Kirkman 


Im Taking My Eggs And Going Home

– Lisa Manterfield


Kid Me Not: An Anthology By Childfree Women Of The 60s Now In Their 60s

– Aralyn Hughes, editor


Kidfree & Loving It Whether By Choice, Chance Or Circumstance: The Complete Guide To Living As A Nonparent

– Kaye D. Walters


Life Without Baby: Surviving And Thriving When Motherhood Doesnt Happen

– Lisa Manterfield

Living The Life Unexpected: 12 Weeks To Your Plan B For A Meaningful And Fulfilling Future Without Children

– Jodi Day


The Next Happy: Let Go Of The Life You Planned And Find A New Way Forward

– Tracey Cleantis


No Kidding: Women Writers On Bypassing Parenthood

– Henriette Mantell, Editor


OtherhoodModern Women Finding A New Kind Of Happiness

– Melanie Notkin


The Pursuit Of Motherhood

– Jessica Hepburn


Savvy Auntie: The Ultimate Guide For Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers, And All Women Who Love Kids

– Melanie Notkin


Selfish, Shallow, And Self Absorbed: Sixteen Writers On The Decision Not To Have Kids

– Megan Daum


Silent Sorority: A Barren Woman Gets Busy, Angry, Lost And Found

– Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos


STFU Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, And Occasionally Rage-Inducing World Of Parent Overshare

– Blair Koenig


Two Is Enough: A Couples Guide To Living Childless By Choice

– Laura S. Scott


Without Child: Challenging The Stigma Of Childlessness

– Laurie Lisle

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