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About Us.

We are a distinctive resource of news, commentary and connections for the growing community of women without children. We live in a Mom-centered environment, but we are not Moms, by choice or by chance.

We know that one of every six American women is childfree or childless, and nations around the world report comparably historic numbers, yet many of us feel isolated, accommodated, or overlooked.

The NotMom was launched in 2012 to spotlight the unique perspectives, legacies and dimensions of a woman’s life without motherhood through our blog, events and social networks. The NotMom is American in focus, but global in scope.

We embrace women who never wanted children, those who once hoped for them, and those who have never given birth but may care for stepchildren or young relatives. We are on different paths, on the same road.

Our Rules.

We are the welcoming space that listens, understands, encourages and invites you to share your stories or lurk in the margins gaining insights from someone else. Whatever you need. 


With respect to individual preferences, The NotMom generally uses childfree to describe women who choose a life without children and childless in reference to those who do not. In references to any and every woman without children, we may add a hyphen: child-free.

Because language matters, we remind you that some of our best friends are Moms. “Mean girl” terms to describe them, or women living a different NotMom experience than yours, is unacceptable.


We welcome your comments, guest posts and suggestions. We can’t wait to meet you, online and off!


The latest from our blog.

May 10, 2020

In 2012, The NotMom launched on Mother's Day and as you might expect, it was a holiday and an event I knew I would never forget. As a childless woman, I thought I might never experience another Mother's Day as special. Today, eight years later, I see that I misjudged the unpredictability of Life.

The year 2020 presents us with a holiday to remember t...

February 17, 2019


It's such a cute little word. Poor thing is cursed to drag along universally heavy baggage of Meaning and Power. Egg is the perfect title for a new film about women and the array of Life choices available to them through nature, science and culture.

Now available on Apple and Amazon, th...

October 29, 2018

Back in January 2018, I wrote a post announcing the production of Private Life, a Netflix movie that purported to take an honest look at how couples can be stressed and consumed by infertility and the resulting quest for a baby. Not the first movie on the subject, for sure, but this one stars actor Paul Giamatti, and he's a personal favorite. (Catch...

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