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'Egg' Is A Women's Movie Because It Makes Us Think


It's such a cute little word. Poor thing is cursed to drag along universally heavy baggage of Meaning and Power. Egg is the perfect title for a new film about women and the array of Life choices available to them through nature, science and culture.

Now available on Apple and Amazon , this movie is clearly a comedy, but it's an itchy one. It picks at established values of friendship, motherhood and the status quo boldly and undercover. Even as I laughed, it was hard not to reflect on how my own beliefs, or those of friends, compared and contrasted with the characters. The ending, I know, will stay with me for a long time. You should see this movie. #NoAd

Grad school girlfriends reconnect, husbands included, and find that their chosen paths are wildly divergent. Suburban v. Urban. Earth Mother v. Free Spirit. With each woman feeling as though personal decisions are under fire, the friends launch an honest and emotional discussion, defending their right to be who they authentically are.

Egg concedes that chasing a baby is not the same as wanting one. And if that's true, what fuels the chase?

Childfree NotMoms, please lean in with this movie. The story you think you are watching is not that story at all. Beyond the stellar acting and scenery, this movie is sneaky deep.

Note: Had I seen that NBC's Today Show labeled this film a "mom-com", it definitely would have turned me off, and I'd have missed a darned good movie.

Whatever you do, keep watching until the end!!

The stars of Egg are fan favorites. I've come to love actress Christina Hendricks in roles that try to dismiss her magnificent presence as Joan Harris on AMC's Mad Men.

And the men? Ah. the men.

There's no doubt this is a By Women For Women flick, and writer Risa Mickenberg and filmmaker Marianna Palka deserve the credit for creating the husbands' importance to the story. That said, you will probably recognize actors David Alan Basche and Gbenga Akinnagbe, and in Egg, they shine. In a smaller role, Anna Camp is perfection.

Alysia Reiner sums up the plot better than I can: "Two women who have very different opinions about motherhood and about Life and how they find their way with each other and love their way through it."

I suggest watching with a friend or a bunch of them, male or female. Egg really wants to birth some ripping good conversations.

Egg Running Time: 1 hr 23 min

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