'Private Life' Laughs at Infertility. Who Will Laugh Along?

I think I have a very strong sense of humor, fromJoan Rivers to Sarah Silverman; Chris Rock to Katt Williams. Slapstick. Spit-takes. Even that old joke about the aristocrats. F or the life of me, though, I can't wrap my head around a comedy about infertility. But, maybe it's just me. Private Life premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January 2018. Starring Kathryn Hahn, Kayli Carter, and Paul Giamatti (pictured), the story begins after a couple's quest to become parents is already quite old. Molly Shannon and John Carroll Lynch round out the cast. Variety says the film features "a comic array of intrusive humiliations" and "most of this stuff is sharply, at times squeamishly, funny, though

Childfree and Creative? Flip the Script on 'New Baby' Photos

I'm a weirdo single childfree chick who loves playing fantasy football. Baby portrait parodies are nothing new. We’ve seen people pose with a puppy, kitten and even a burrito. Why not a fantasy football trophy? After winning my league’s Super Bowl, I enlisted DC-based photographer Karen Ramsey to spend a crisp fall afternoon in Meridian Hill Park, recreating some iconic newborn baby poses with my bouncing baby trophy. I started playing fantasy football in 2009 when my then-boyfriend suggested I give it a try. Like most midwest girls, I started watching football with my dad when I was little. Playing fantasy makes you see the game in a whole new way. You don’t know the meaning of love for foo

US Motherhood On the Rise, But Does That Foretell a Rise in Childlessness Later?

Not that you asked, but I actually trashed the idea of pursuing certain majors in college for the sole reason that a class in statistics was mandatory. I have Math Anxiety. Fractions give me hives. So, I may get things a little twisted when it comes to tedious but important academic research. That's my disclaimer. Here's the situation: January 11,2018. Headline #1: "Moms' age at birth linked to daughters' later childlessness". (Reuters) Dr. Olga Basso of McGill University in Montreal, Canada led a team that pored through data on more than 43,000 American women born between 1930 and 1964. Their research showed that as as maternal age at delivery went up, so did the odds that daughters would b

Roe v. Wade at 45: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Even though I already knew it, a quick Google of “Roe v. Wade 45 years” reiterated to me why this debate is still raging on in America. We all know why. In a time when women’s reproductive rights are still under fire from the conservative right, it’s more important than ever to talk about the implications of the landmark Supreme Court decision made back in 1973. So what was it all about? In 1971 (and again in 1972), a woman from Texas had her case go to the Supreme Court to determine if, in fact, a woman had a right to choose to terminate a pregnancy. And so, it was decided by the Supreme Court of the time, in 1973, that woman’s right to choose was protected by the right to privacy included

Childless & Childfree Characters We Can't Wait to See Again

Toward the end of every January, I find myself in a familiar space, tingling anxiously for February's ratings sweeps to shake up my TV screens with stories that transport me far from home. For childless and childfree characters living in that universe, my New Year wish, as in every New Year, is that we be entrusted to hear their NotMom backstory, because whatever it is, it informs who they are when we meet them.Here's four of my favorites. Grace and Frankie (Netflix):Last season, Grace's daughter Brianna (played by June Diane Raphael) has always been happy with her life as a high performance professional, childfree by choice and single. After a breakup, she is questioning her choices. Here's

2018: Our Predictions for Childless/Childfree Adults

I probably spent too much time watching end-of-year countdowns, memorial tributes and expert pontifications as 2017 ushered in 2018. Many were topic-specific, such as actors who died, or food trends shifting in and out of style. How about some New Year predictions for NotMoms? I asked our Laura LaVoie and Gateway Women's Jody Day to join me at the crystal ball and predict a few headlines from the year yet to come that will impact NotMoms by choice or by chance. I think we did a good job! Laura LaVoie - Entertainment Ava DuVernay (above) has already made news as the first black woman to direct a live action movie with a budget of over $100 million with her upcoming film, A Wrinkle in Time. Bu

New Year Resolutions for the Childless and Childfree

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jen Yates from Cake Wrecks and her geek blog, Epbot. (The interview will be republished soon, so stay tuned). As a loyal reader of the Epbot blog, I was excited to see her post about geeky New Year’s resolutions. She lists easy-to-do things that everyone can participate in. Of course, Jen’s slant to the geeky realm, and since that is also my world I am more than happy to try a good number of her 42 suggestions. But that got me thinking. What kinds of New Year’s resolutions are great for NotMoms? What kind of checklist would we want if we were going to print one out and tape it to our office wall as a reminder of fun or amazing things

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