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Childless & Childfree Characters We Can't Wait to See Again

Toward the end of every January, I find myself in a familiar space, tingling anxiously for February's ratings sweeps to shake up my TV screens with stories that transport me far from home. For childless and childfree characters living in that universe, my New Year wish, as in every New Year, is that we be entrusted to hear their NotMom backstory, because whatever it is, it informs who they are when we meet them.Here's four of my favorites.

Grace and Frankie (Netflix):Last season, Grace's daughter Brianna (played by June Diane Raphael) has always been happy with her life as a high performance professional, childfree by choice and single. After a breakup, she is questioning her choices. Here's hoping she evolves without caving in. (*See Bernadette, Big Bang Theory)

Meanwhile, Brianna's sister Mallory (played by Brooklyn Decker). is increasingly unhappy with her life as a mother of four with an unengaged husband.

The show's not named Brianna and Grace, but I hope we get to know more about them soon. Season 4 starts streaming on January 19, 2018.

The Good Doctor (ABC): The steamy relationship between a hospital's in-house lawyer Jessica Preston (played by Beau Garrett) and Dr.Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) ended at the mid-season break. He wants kids; she doesn't. And she loves him enough to let him go and find his dream.

It should be noted that her steadfastness didn't pop up out of the blue, as the earlier clip below shows. But, sometimes we don't listen when we're told important information in a somewhat casual way.

Will the break-up hold or will they gamble on some type of compromise that involves somebody giving in?

Before we continue, may I just say what a fangirl I am for Shonda Rhimes?!! No, she's not a NotMom. She knew herself well enough to choose single parenthood with the adoption of three little girls years ago, and she's never been married. If you don't know who she is, click a link, would you?

Scandal (ABC) TV's groundbreaking show led byNotMom Olivia Pope and actress Kerry Washington will call it a wrap in 2018. Two years ago, viewers learned that Olivia chose abortion when she found herself pregnant with President Fitz's baby. (At least, most of us think it's Fitz's.)

In 2017, Fitz was the one who learned about the procedure, and he let Olivia know that he knew, and that he approved her choice. (below)

Is this a show that grants magical endings to its characters? Fitz and Olivia in Vermont? Or will writers (Shonda) choose an ending much more like The Real World where things are decidedly unfair? Season 7, the final one, starts January 18, 2018.

How to Get Away With Murder (ABC) This is a hard one. Viewers watched in horror and tears in 2017 when super lawyer Annalise Keating (embodied by Viola Davis) seemed to explain her alcoholism, oppressive sadness and possible insanity on a murdered baby.. The fact that producers and writers (more Shonda) took time for Annalise and her mother (fiercely portrayed by the iconic Cicely Tyson) to hold a ritual, imaginary funeral for that infant was stunning. I know the healing power such ceremonies can hold.

The mid-season cliff-hanger showed Analise not only delivering a student's very premature baby, but also trying to coax it to life. Regardless of the outcome, I am convinced that we haven't heard the last of how motherhood, and the lack of it, influences much of her existence. The dead child was her only child. Or was it? Pick up the story on January 18, 2018.

Can you add to our list?

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