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An Open Letter to 'The Big Bang Theory': Penny and Leonard Are OK Without Kids

Dear Writers' Room:

I am one of the zillions of women worldwide who fell in love with The Big Bang Theory during Season One, Episode One. That said, I am also one of the women who felt betrayed when Bernadette's character was immediately happy about a supposedly accidental pregnancy.

We remember Season Five when you focused an entire episode on the reasons why kids were unthinkable for Bernadette. Do you?

As a woman who once dreamed of being a Mom, the things about motherhood that drove Bernadette crazy sounded delightful to me. But, I have a blog. The NotMom® offers online and real-life resources for women without children by choice or by chance,

Childfree women across America and wherever BBT is shown let our community know they were PISSED over Bernadette's flip-flop. Many of them said they totally abandoned the show after Bernadette smiled while sharing her pregnancy news with a baby rabbit rescued from the hot tub in Season Nine. (below)

I caught the insider's pun, too. Back in the day, pregnancy tests were known as "rabbit tests". Adorable.

By the way, if it helps your demos (or gets you to read this through to the end), The NotMom's chief writer and event co-admin has known since a young age that motherhood would never be for her. I'm Black, she is White, I'm 62 and she's 42. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm in Cleveland, Ohio. We are both huge BBT fans. She's not happy with Bernadette's unexplained choices, either.

According to Hollywood Reporter, filming for BBT's Season 12 may begin on August 15, 2018, and that it may be the last one. Show runner Steve Holland said,

"There's no plan for the newlyweds [Sheldon and Amy] to have a baby just yet, but since they only write the season in small chunks, it's not completely out of the question."

That means there's time to cast our vote for Amy or Penny to enjoy their lives as is, just as Raj does, and he's the only single character.

I vote for Penny to choose a childfree life, especially as Leonard grants her anything she wishes. Penny's transformation from ditzy blonde wanna-be actress to professional pharmaceutical saleswoman has been very believable even While "childfree" Bernadette became pregnant twice soon after marrying,

Considering that the number of women without children is rising to historic levels around the world, a statistic well-known to scientists, a childfree or childless female BBT character would be both plausible and true to life.

From a creative perspective, show runner Mr. Holland has said he believes, "We need to know what we're doing to make sure that if it is the end, to give the best ending we can and the best closure to these characters."

If it is the end, everybody at The NotMom asks, please keep it real.

Fans, The Big Bang Theory will return on September 24, 2018 on CBS.

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