Halloween: The Exception to Every Rule

I don't like kids. I don't pretend that I like kids. Except for one day a year: Halloween. For some crazy reason I love to decorate my house, dress up, sit on my porch, and pass candy out to all the neighborhood kids. Maybe it is because this is one of the few times little children aren't free range. When I go to bars populated by the under 5 crowd the parents seem to let their kids run rampant which can really affect my ability to have a good time. On Halloween parents are always in tow and kids are well behaved and excited to go door to door to shout their signature line. Here are some of the Halloween survival methods that help me adore this holiday. Stay in spirit all October long. As so

Thoughts on the NotMom Summit 2017

Admin’s Log: Stardate 10.10.2017 The emotions are still raw, so it’s hard to get this down in any way that will make sense. I just returned from Cleveland and the NotMom Summit 2017 and I am having hard time processing everything that happened. It was amazing, but that word doesn’t reflect the entirety of the experience. There aren’t words that can. In reflecting about the NotMom Summit, I couldn’t escape the current news and criticism of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and his unfortunate mistake when addressing a woman reporting on the team. He minimized her experience because she was a woman and all but patted her on the head and sent her on her way. He apologized after his mista

This Proposed Law Says Childless Households Aren't Families

October 2017 delivered a pile of stunning headlines, and the one from Jutamji List, the Croatian daily newspaper and website, announces the nation is considering a new law declaring a household without children, even one with a married couple, will not legally be considered as a family. I have heard several creative ways to describe the driverless train ride called 2017, from the US presidential election to record-breaking hurricanes and the devastation they've left behind. We seem to be trapped in WTF Hell. After Croatia's draft ruling entered public debate, Jutamji List explained, "Few countries in Europe have legally defined family," but Croatia is legally saying that "unless there are c

Moving? Your Pet Needs a Resume

In my local community, and on several online groups for adults without children, people are often frustrated that that they can’t find a home or apartment to rent because they own pets. This situation is leading to a growing number of older pets being torn from their families so that the owner can secure a rental. The problem is so bad that some communities have banned “re-homing” posts on their local discussion boards. Many rental laws across the US stop landlords from discriminating against families with small children. But, those laws allow landlords the ability to deny renting to people with pets. Sometimes, restrictions are only for so-called “dangerous” pets such as pit bulls. In the p

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