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Childfree and Creative? Flip the Script on 'New Baby' Photos

I'm a weirdo single childfree chick who loves playing fantasy football. Baby portrait parodies are nothing new. We’ve seen people pose with a puppy, kitten and even a burrito. Why not a fantasy football trophy?

After winning my league’s Super Bowl, I enlisted DC-based photographer Karen Ramsey to spend a crisp fall afternoon in Meridian Hill Park, recreating some iconic newborn baby poses with my bouncing baby trophy.

I started playing fantasy football in 2009 when my then-boyfriend suggested I give it a try.

Like most midwest girls, I started watching football with my dad when I was little. Playing fantasy makes you see the game in a whole new way. You don’t know the meaning of love for football until you have your own team.

“The shoot was a breeze,” according to the photographer, “Trisha struggled with trying to look maternal but the ‘baby’ wasn’t fussy and could hold a pose for as long as I needed to get the shot.” Even so, the day held a surprise for us - scroll through to the last image.

This is my second fantasy Super Bowl trophy and I'm expecting again, as my team The Cheaters is currently in the playoffs. Go Cheaters!

My photo shoot was just for fun, and to make my friends laugh, but I think it also makes a statement that there's more to life than having babies. Why not celebrate what you love?

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Follow Karen Ramsey on IG at kareneramsey

Visit Meridian Hill Park in Washington DC:

that moment when an actual mother shows up for a real mommy-baby portrait session

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