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Something New at The NotMom Summit: Men Without Children

The NotMom is a website for women; there really can be no doubt about that classification.

When we were designing the NotMom Summit, we were deliberate in making it a conference for women, by women. But how could we not recognize the NotDads in our lives and the role that men without children play in changing our environment and culture about non-parenthood?

That’s why we are offering a special deal for NotMoms to bring their partners to

the 2017 Summit in October!

Announcing: Men’s Only Events

Ladies, for the cost of your registration to the NotMom Summit, you can add a NotDad Badge for your husband or partner. He can join you in Cleveland and participate in two casual NotDad Meetup events, one on Friday and another on Saturday.

My partner of 22 years, Matt, will host our first-ever NotDad Meet Up at Great Lakes Brewing Company starting at 3 p.m. on Friday, October 6. Happy Hour starts an hour later, featuring $1 off pints, and the conference badge will entitle the group to food discounts, too.

Matt will make sure that every NotDad there receives a discount voucher to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame offering a $17.75 admission fee instead of the standard $23.50.

The voucher can be used at any time during the weekend, but we’re hoping the men hit

it off at the Great Lakes Happy Hour and agree to meet up again on Saturday, October 7th

at the Rock Hall. (While the NotDad conference badge is free, each person is responsible for purchases at Great Lakes Brewing and Rock Hall admission.)

And ladies, don’t fret. Everyone with a NotMom Summit badge is eligible for discounts at dozens of local restaurants and businesses. A small supply of Rock Hall vouchers will be available as well.

Interested? Here’s what to do:

New Registrations: When you make your registration, be sure to select the Add NotDad option and provide the requested information. There’s no charge, but remember that this doesn’t grant your partner access to NotMom Summit programming, only the two NotDad events.

If your partner wants to attend any of the programming, such as the luncheons, he will need to purchase the corresponding registration.

Already Registered:

If you have already registered for the NotMom Summit and your partner wants to join you and attend the NotDad meetups, contact me at and we will add him to your registration.

At the Summit, bring your partner with you to the registration desk where credentials will

be waiting for you both. Remember, a NotDad badge does not get them into programming unless they’ve paid for registration.

On Friday, your partners can meet up at Great Lakes Brewing any time after 3pm. Look

for this guy, Matt


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