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Mother's Day 2020: A Holiday We'll Remember

May 10, 2020

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Seriously? Racists Hate Childless Women, Too?

August 16, 2017

Grief and tears followed by anger. Helplessness followed by more anger. The weekend of August 12, 2017 was rough. And as I sat at home, hearing about the events in Charlottesville through a variety of sources, what I felt most was sadness.


Our country is on the brink of a new civil war that will be fought over ideology and pit rural against city and White against Black. And that is not the country I ever imagined in all my years.


I heard the news that an angry young man that participated in the Unite the Right event was emboldened enough to drive his car into a crowd of counter protesters. And I heard that a young woman named Heather Heyer was killed.


Heather was 32 years old and worked as a paralegal at a Charlottesville, Virginia law firm. Her family and friends say she cared deeply about them, her city and her country, and staying involved in the fight against racism. She got involved that day, and she lost her life for it.


A young woman was killed fighting Nazis on American soil.


Next, I learned that militant white supremacists hate a dead woman they never met, days after one of their own was responsible for her murder.


On a website that was thankfully shut down by webhost Go Daddy, a hateful blogger wrote,


“A 32-year-old woman without children is a burden on society and has no value.”


That’s right, they called out the fact that a she did not have children. And why didn’t she have children? The fact is, we’ll never know and it’s none of our business