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It Just Ain't Easy Being Jennifer Aniston, Ever

In times of major personal crisis, the rest of the world is white noise and moving images on a screen. That's why I'm guessing that for Jennifer Aniston, she had more pressing things to think about during the first months of 2018 than political head-scratching headlines and Hollywood's awards season.

Jennifer has announced that she and her husband of two years, actor Justin Theroux, "lovingly" decided to divorce "at the end of [2017]". But she didn't tell us, the public, until mid-February 2018. Predictably, the Internet lost its mind.

When I heard the news, I felt awful for Jennifer, and not particularly because of the divorce. I felt awful because I could imagine the fresh hell about to land in her lap.

Since her wedding to Justin in 2015, followed by her scathing Huffington Post essay about "is she pregnant yet" media gossiping, it seemed that at long last, perhaps Jennifer had found some peace. With royalties from Friends reruns and lucrative product endorsements, she could slow life down if she chose. She had to know the upheaval that an awakened media would cause in her life once she shared that at 49, she is single (and childless) once more.

What I didn't see coming and should have, is the eagerness of fans to see Jennifer reunite with her first husband, Brad Pitt, who is also newly single after being divorced by the woman he cheated on Jennifer with, Angelina Jolie. I saw The View's Paula Faris, a grown-A woman, whine about how fantastic it would be to see "true love" win in the end.

Seriously? My idea of what to do with Brad Pitt is three words: Leave skid marks.

Jennifer reportedly loves yoga and that's a good thing. For her right now, going within is decidedly quieter than hanging out here with nothing but noise.

The photo above appears in the March 2018 issue of Architectural Digest with a full tour of Jennifer and Justin's California home. The photo shoot was done in 2017 around the time we now know the couple decided to break up. She looks...peaceful.

Jennifer's next film, Dumplin, is a comedy. She plays a Mom.

(Photo Credit: Architectural Digest/Francois Dischinger)

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